Mountains, Fog and Poland!

Apologies for the rushed update but i’m finding it hard to find time / internet access at the moment!

After leaving Prague I took a bus to Nachod on the Polish border. From here you have good access to the czech mountains so I took a train to Teplice Nad Metuji and started walking! I followed a path indicated by green markers all the way to the top and passed a Czech couple who were re-painting every marker and making sure the path wasn’t too over-grown. Unfortunately the summit was completely covered in fog so the view was a little disappointing but it was really magical up there.

I originally planned to wild camp, but to cut a long story short I ended up staying at the Czech couples house! They were called Martinec and Jitka Jarostav and gave me lots to eat and drink. Jitka also worked at the train station and even gave me a lift in in the morning! A really lovely generous couple.

Next was a coach to Poland to meet Aga. We stayed at her grand parents house and was given more food and drink than even a lonely traveller could handle! Me and Aga then travelled to the Polish mountains hoping to climb Sniezka (1602m) but the weather was so bad we decided not to attempt the summit. We did some good walking and had soup and warm drinks in a ‘shelter’ which was basically a old wooden hostel near the top of the mountain. What I could see was beautiful but unfortunately because of the fog that was only about 20m in front of my face!

Yesterday I arrived in Wrocław and have been exploring the city. Last night we went to a small brewery and some clubs and then walked along the river on our way home. The old buildings looked amazing at night.

Photos from Wrocław…


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