Fun In San Francisco

Taken from Alcatraz ("The Rock") with SF behind me

A 14 hour bus ride from Vegas took me to San Francisco where I am staying with my friend Fidel. SF is an amazing city, with so much to do and so much to see. The city centre is also a lot smaller then LA and Vegas which means getting around is a lot easier and more importantly quicker. I don’t know how people living in these huge cities have time to do anything apart from travel to and from places. With interesting, independent stores on ever corner there is a really warm feel to every street and the crazy hills give the city so much character that combined with the amazing weather I found myself wanting to take a photo at every intersection!

Me and Pauline triumphant after running the bridge (both ways!)

Me and Fidel have been have been doing some quality control of the cities bars every night and I can say that they have all got two thumbs up so far.

Yesterday I ran over the Golden Gate Bridge with Pauline, a french couch surfer who was also in town. It was epic. I’m going to really miss SF but tomorrow I take a bus to Yosemite national park.


Hi, call me Joe. I am a traveller, a runner, a beer drinker, a film lover, a web developer, a hiker and not a very good darts player. I am from the UK, have a BSc in Computer Science from Cardiff University and currently live in Canada.

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