Making the most of the sunshine

Since moving into the apartment in Comox I have been continuing the holiday theme with a combination of taking it easy and cramming in the activities! It has been really hot here with not a drop of rain since I arrived, therefore I have slowly been trying to built up a base tan so I can handle the sun a bit better. This has been going well except from an area on my back which I missed when applying sun cream and got burnt quite badly πŸ™

I have still found some time to sort out a few things, like a Canadian bank account and getting some transport sorted…

This is my 1973 Top Rider Japanese road bike – 12 years older than I am! I bought it off a local who said it belonged to her mother. I spent an afternoon giving her the once over – changing the brake cables being the most important. I have named her stealthy due to her squeaky brake pads and rattling mud guards, neither of which I can be bothered to resolve. I picked this up together with a helmet and lock for around Β£110.

After tubing (sitting in an inflatable and floating down the river) outside Courtenay we went to cool off at some Stotan Falls – a local gem know only to the locals (and a few lucky visitors if you know the right people!). You can jump off the big waterfall on the right of the picture…. which of course I did!

I have also been spending some time on the beach, trying to improve my skim boarding. It’s getting there – slowly!

We have been for a couple of hikes around Mount Washington which is a ski resort in the winter and having visited there on my last trip to Canada I was amazed at the transformation.

We have been having lots of barbecues and eating loads of great food so luckily to balance this out I have joined the local running club called the Comox Valley Road Runners. There is a trail run every Thursday and a track/speed training session on Tuesdays. My first time on the trails here ended with swimming in the river and a ‘pot luck’ which is where everyone brings a dish and has a big picnic. Not a bad way to end a 10k run! There are runners of every ability – with six running groups, 1 being the fastest and 6 being the slowest and two walking groups. I initially wasn’t sure which to run with but the group has been really welcoming and I found group 3 to be a good fit.

I can’t believe I have been here for over three weeks already – with lots more fun activities planned!


Hi, call me Joe. I am a traveller, a runner, a beer drinker, a film lover, a web developer, a hiker and not a very good darts player. I am from the UK, have a BSc in Computer Science from Cardiff University and currently live in Canada.



about 8 years ago

Ha ha, can't belive my Mum is saying "wicked" and giving me a plug for my own walking. Yeah the pics are good, though a little tweaking in PS Express 9you've got an iphone I think) would do them some good. Looking forwrd to you next post!



about 8 years ago

Looks like you’re settling in well.
Do I see the beginnings of a beard?


Jessica A. Hawes

about 8 years ago

That's a wicked-looking bike! Ben will hve something to say I'm sure. Great pics as usual - even Charles must approve. (He's walking the Welsh Coast Path in stages. Doing the Gower this week.) So glad you are having such a wonderful holiday. love, Grandma'


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