Tiny House Construction – Weeks 22-24

Tiny House Construction – Weeks 22-24

Watch a time lapse to see what I have been up to:

Shingling shingling and more shingling!

It took a while to get my head in to the shingling, but I managed to find a good rhythm. However rhythm or no rhythm, shingling is extremely time consuming!

First wall complete!

First wall complete!

The second wall went well, I had to figure out a good method for cutting the shingles at an angle when they hit the roofline. Going up and down the ladder while making custom shingles meant that each one could take up to 5 minutes to install!


I decided to take a bit of a break from shingling and install the door lock and handle. This was pretty straight forward and it was nice to complete an job start to finish in about an hour.

Door lock and handle installed

Door lock and handle installed

Next I moved on to the other big wall. I just got my head down and got stuck in. In total I think this wall took about 4 days to shingle.


Now the siding is coming together it’s amazing how much of a transformation the house is undergoing.


Another job to distract me from shingling was to install the metal roofing on the utility box. Not knowing much of anything about metal roofing, I decided that it would be a good learning experience to tackle this first. There is a fair bit to it, but it’s a nice material to work with and I was happy with the end result.

I was now ready to order the metal for the main roof. This took a day to figure out, with lots of head scratching and measuring. Every piece needed to be custom, what with this not being a standard house and all that. I then went to see Ernie at the lumber yard the next day, who has been very helpful and patient. We stat down together and it took three and a half hours to put the order together. Quite an achievement!


Carly gave me a hand with the shingling so after a quick tutorial, and with me handing her shingles, she shingled this utility box wall.


The last wall had the most obstacles to shingle around, but I was pretty on the ball by this point so it went well. I also learnt from the other end wall and decided to set up the scaffolding this time, to spare me from several hundred trips up and down the ladder. I would say it probably saved me an afternoon.


As time intensive as the shingling is, I could not be happier with how the exterior of the house looks. It is really taking shape, and I am very happy with the aesthetic choices we made.

With the lower shingling complete it was time to take delivery of the metal roofing and to start the next big job.


Hi, call me Joe. I am a traveller, a runner, a beer drinker, a film lover, a web developer, a hiker and not a very good darts player. I am from the UK, have a BSc in Computer Science from Cardiff University and currently live in Canada.



about 4 years ago

Wow! Amazing. A real house on wheels. Full of admiration.



about 4 years ago

I think you have every right to feel proud of your house.
It's looking great!


Ruth Pritchard

about 4 years ago

It's a house! Looking awesome bro! xx


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