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If you sell things on eBay then getting your listings seen by as many people as possible can be the difference between selling your item for 99p or £99. Whether you use eBay as an additional outlet for your existing online business or as a way of clearing out your garage – listing your items on your website can be an excellent way of directing visitors of your site to your eBay listings.

Keeping your listings up to date can be a real headache which is why having a listing tool such as Auction Nudge that automatically updates and displays your current eBay listings on your website can be a real time saver.

The listings below are generated by pasting one line of code into the HTML of your web page (Note: I am not affiliated with this eBay member in any way.):

This is generated by pasting one line of code onto your site. To see the full options available and to customise your snippet visit Auction Nudge. There is no registration required and you can view a demo of how your listings will look by just entering your eBay username!

The following video gives a quick outline of how Auction Nudge works:


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about 4 years ago

This made my day, I sell lots of products on ebay and wanted to have them on my site rather than re-listing.



about 5 years ago

is there anything else apart from auction nudge? their layout is awful , surprised ebay don't have one of their own..



about 5 years ago

Paul, while I can't agree that the layout is awful, if the one shown above isn't for you then Auction Nudge has a variety of themes to choose from:

If that's not enough there are even details of how to create your own:

I hope that helps.



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