Krakow, Auschwitz and a Small Detour!

After leaving Wroclaw I headed to Krakow on a train with small compartments like you see on films which was really cool! I had no accommodation sorted due to not being able to find a host on couch surfing but found a really good hostel that worked out at £5 a night. This would be my home for the rest of my stay in Poland. I was sleeping in a dormitory and started talking to a nice Australian girl and we planned to visit Auschwitz together. Krakow itself was very touristy but full of some really interesting buildings and bars - especially in the Jewish quarter.

Mountains, Fog and Poland!

Apologies for the rushed update but i'm finding it hard to find time / internet access at the moment!

Leipzig and Prague

I decided to travel to Leipzig rather spare of the moment because there were two exhibitions I was interested in - one on the history of post war Germany and the other on the Stasi (East German secret police). However I didn't realise until I arrived that they were both only in German! There were some really interesting pictures and displays though. Despite this, I had a really nice host called David and I enjoyed looking around the city and went out to a club in the evening.

Dresden and Saxon Switzerland

The past few days in Dresdenm were great, my hosts showed me around the city and I even went on a cycle tour with Hélène! We also went to Saxon Switzerland to see the amazing mountains and this bridge carved into the stone. We had a great day hiking and had lunch on top of a big rock!


I managed to cram in everything I wanted in my last days in Berlin and I took a coach to Dresden. Here I intended to go to the main station and make my way back to my hosts house in the "New Town" however the bus (unknown to me) made a scheduled stop at the station there so I decided to get off early. As the bus conductor was arguing with a man about not letting him get his bag at this stop instead of the main station I decided to forgo this formality and lent into the baggage compartment, grabbed my bag and made off at a swift pace down the street.