Tesco Boycott

Since Tesco opened a third store all within a ten minute walk of each other where I live in Cardiff I decided enough was enough and didn’t shop there any more. Though occasionally I admit I did pop in for milk or if Walkers Sensations are on offer for 72p!

This was until I saw for myself number 4… FOUR! Thats 4 stores within one mile walk of each other.

Tesco stores in my area

Never again will I step foot inside a Tesco’s store. Never.



about 7 years ago

Thanks for your detailed comment Santoni, my response got rather long so I created a post just for it here: https://www.morehawes.co.uk/ramblings/my-supermarket-boycott



about 7 years ago

How come? I used to live within a few miles of a couple of massive tesco stores and they were a godsend - saved driving to multiple locations to get what I needed. Since I settled down and had a family in a different town I find myself sorely missing having a good sized shop close to hand. There's only one little tesco not much bigger than our 2-bed house and it doesn't stock nearly enough variety, but I guess like any sensible business they go wherever they can make the most profit. So my question is, why do people think it's bad to have a surplus of shops?


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