New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 9

Journal Entry

Started the day trying to make my front derailleur play ball. Got it working a bit better, need a bike shop!

More of the same trail wise - pretty tough going in the gravel, was spurred on by the thought of getting to a town.

I needed a bike shop and the one in Corner Brook was the only one for a long way. It being Sunday tomorrow and 5pm fast approaching I headed straight there. Coming straight in off of the trail I washed it out back of the bike shop and then checked in to a hotel across the road while the mechanic got to work.

Within an hour my bike was like new and I chatted a bit with the very relaxed mechanic. I felt like a crazy woods-person who just got his arse saved again. It was cheaper than expected and he wouldn't take a tip. I hope my confused words adequately conveyed my gratitude.

He also recommended a lovely little Italian restaurant for dinner. Just what I needed!

Distance (km)