New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 8

Journal Entry

More tough trail today. Saw some neat wildlife (more fixes and beavers). Managed to get my hands on some (bad) beer and greasy food.

Ran into some other cyclists on the trail, who clearly had very high opinions of themselves, doing a ride from Labrador. I think they were lost and confused, as it turns out they had only been off-roading for a few kilometres, had hardly any gear and didn't know what the Trans Canada Trail was. One asked "is this a *thing*?", gesturing to the gravel track. I enjoyed telling them that it was the longest trail on the planet and then realised that they were slyly trying to film me! I'm glad there aren't more people like that. They were the first cyclists I had met on the trail and they couldn't wait to get off of it!

Distance (km)