New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 14

Journal Entry

I fell off my bike into a bog! I was attempting to "pull over" to let some ATV drivers pass but when I put my foot down into what I thought was grass it ended up being mostly made of air! I ended up knee-deep in disgusting water right in-front of two old guys! ...that took me down a few pegs.

First puncture today. Not only of this trip, but on this bike. The rocks got me eventually. I just so happened to be passing some people collecting water from a natural spring when it happened, so it made for quite a good lunch spot.

Booked a motel for tomorrow night, so I pushed on and did 98km today, that way I can get to town earlier and make the most of it. That meant setting up camp in the dark. Found a spot next to a lake and surprised a duck hunter. He said he wouldn't shoot in my direction, which I thought was very good of him. Saw some shooting starts before bed.

Distance (km)