New Glasgow to St. John’s 2018 – Day 13

Journal Entry

Nice to have a day off yesterday in Grand Falls-Windsor. I had already gone to the supermarket and stocked up on food, so I didn't leave my AirBnB all day! It's funny how quickly you get used to the creature comforts.

Good day on the trail today, some interesting railway bridges. A couple of guys on ATVs stopped and had a chat. They were impressed with my trip and I enjoyed listening to their local tongue.

Bit of a highway detour due to a tunnel under the road being completely filled in.

A "big town" here is one that has a store of any kind, so getting a good meal can be tricky. I'm learning to make the most of what I can get, but tonight I managed to find Heineken singles, which is a big improvement on the beer front!

Ended the day at a warming hut, a bit of a treat seeing as it's my first hut this trip.

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