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Across Canada – Moose Jaw, SK to Chicago, IL

At the US border crossing I was given a slapped wrist due to my last US tourist visa still being present in my passport. Apparently this should have been taken out when I left last year and the fact that it was still there meant I was an "overstay"... which is pretty serious. They let me off (it seems that it was actually the fault of the last border official for not removing it) and while was pretty clear that I hadn't been in the US for the last six months, this little bit of card is the only evidence they take into account. Which seems like a bit of a rudimentary system to me! Almost as soon

Introducing Hot Officing

If you have been following my recent posts you will know that as well as travelling I am continuing to work via the internet as I go. For a while now I have been working on a project which is about just that – working while on the move. Specifically it is about finding places to work remotely from anywhere in the world. I call it Hot Officing. As a web developer I can only work if I have a reliable internet connection. There are some food and drink chains that guarantee wi-fi to their customers, but I have always liked to search out nicer, more interesting places like cafes to hunker down

Across Canada – Brooks, AB to Moose Jaw, SK

My first day in Calgary was spend exploring the city with a couch surfer called Bilal. I like to explore cities with other people, so I had put up a message on the couch surfing website and Bilal who was also new to Calgary had answered. In the evening we went to a couch surfing meet up together, which are always a great way to meet people from all over the world. Held at a local bar I got chatting to loads of different people including a local Calgarian called Lloyd. Lloyd's family originate from South Wales and he invited me to go indoor climbing with him later that week. A good start to my visit

Across Canada – Hinton, AB to Brooks, AB

When I left Hinton, I headed for Sundance Provincial Park which was recommended to me by Karina's family. The rough 60km drive down the logging road didn't faze the van (unlike me) and I arrived at a very nice lakeside campsite to spend the first night. The next day I explored the park and was very impressed by the Hoodoos and crazy rock formations created by the elements on the soft rock. Being a little out of the way I didn't see anyone else in the park and was able to soak up sights and the sunshine in  magnificent calm. Before arriving in Alberta, when looking at the road

Across Canada – Golden, BC to Hinton, AB

Leaving Golden I felt refreshed after being stationary for a couple of days, though I did perhaps get a little carried away catching up on my junk food quota! My two nights at the motel allowed me to pause for a little while and take stock of my trip and I also appreciated having my own room. While the van has been working out ever better then expected there is no escaping the fact that it is a pretty small space and it was nice to be able to lounge out on the sofa. After Golden I headed for the rockies, my first stop was Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. Although quite a few other tourists