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Across Canada – Comox, BC to Hope, BC

For my last night with Richard and Karina we went out for Thai food before playing some board games with a bottle of wine. A very nice way to end my time in Comox with good friends, before an early start the next day to get the ferry to the mainland. I was heading to Squamish but first stopped off at Capilano suspension bridge in North Vancouver. As well as a pretty impressive suspension bridge they have a “canopy walk” where you walk high up in the trees and a “cliff walk” where you walk on a platform around a vertical rock face. On my way up to Squamish I also stopped at the

My Mini Road Trip: Part Two

Well the mini road trip is over and I am now back in Comox to take stock, tweak a few things with the van and get ready for setting off on my big cross Canada trip. It's an exciting time for me and also a little scary. This also marks the last time I will be in Comox during my time in Canada and I am going to have to say goodbye to a lot of awesome people - though i'm sure not for good. I have been here for nine months now and have had a fantastic time, largely due to the great people I have met and two Canadian roommates in particular: who I owe a lot of this enjoyment to. Since my last post

My Mini Road Trip: Part One

For the last nine days I have been exploring North Vancouver Island in the van as a sort of 'mini' road trip - to both test out the van setup and to see what the rest of the island has to offer. The further you go up the island the less people there are so I had been looking forward to seeing the 'wild' part of the island - and so far it hasn't disappointed. I have mainly been staying at recreation sites (free government run campsites) which have all been excellent, and mostly empty so far as it's still a little early in the season. On my second night Gemma and JR joined me and we spent
First Trip In The Van

First Trip In The Van

The van has really come together in the last two weeks which has largely been down to Hilary, Richard's mum and her amazing sewing skills. When a couple of months back I mentioned that foam covers would have cost more than the foam itself (which isn't cheap you know) Hilary kindly volunteered to sew something together. If only she knew what she was getting herself in for! She also managed to locate me some old sheets for the covers - some red and white bedsheets and as we were measuring up she jokingly mentioned that we could make the Canadian flag with these colours. Well I thought that sounded
Van Progressing Nicely

Van Progressing Nicely

I have been back in Comox a few days now and as well as catching up with a few friends I have also made some good progress on the van. I picked up the custom foam sections I had ordered which really transforms the van into a cozy camper (I am currently writing this while sitting on the now foam covered bench in the van) and I have sorted the blinds, which I thought were going to be a lot more complicated than they were. The bench, now with foam (foam covers to follow!) I knew I would need a covering for the windows in the van to keep light out and night and to provide some privacy. After