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Magento Theme / Templating Tutorials, Guides and Resources

I think anyone that has worked with Magento will agree that it is a steep learning curve, this is not helped by the lack of documentation. I have put together a list of useful links when that I found helpful whilst trying to get my head around Magento themes:

(I have expanded upon these lists which I found useful)

Windows Text Editors

I'm a Mac user through and through but recently I have been required to use Windows for work. My favourite text editor for Mac is undoubtedly Textwrangler which is a free stripped-down version of Barebones BBEdit. This is a great text editor that does everything I need.

Transmission Hybrid Icons

What Is This?

For an excellent BitTorrent client ( For replacing the new (Leopard style) Transmission icons with the older-style ones.

Shortcut To Show / Hide Hidden Files In OS X

Working with OS X is a pleasure for me, but there are some things that really frustrate me, like having no easy way to show/hide hidden files. Whenever I wanted to do this in the past I had to first Google it, then open up terminal and change the Finder config before relaunching Finder:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

But no more! Tim Fletcher has written a small application that can be dragged into your finder toolbar which runs the command. So no more Googling necessary.