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Add eBay Listings To Your Website In Seconds

If you sell things on eBay then getting your listings seen by as many people as possible can be the difference between selling your item for 99p or £99. Whether you use eBay as an additional outlet for your existing online business or as a way of clearing out your garage - listing your items on your website can be an excellent way of directing visitors of your site to your eBay listings. Keeping your listings up to date can be a real headache which is why having a listing tool such as Auction Nudge that automatically updates and displays your current eBay listings on your website can be a real

eBay Ads Gone Mad!

I usually surf the web with my trusty Adblock Plus Firefox extension turned on, but after turning it off recently (I have been working on my works affiliate programme... it actually took me a few seconds to work out why things weren't appearing that should have been!) I got a bit of a shock when I went on to eBay. My usual eBay experience looks like this: