Running Posts

Training begins – snow runs

In my last post Six Months In I mentioned that I had some big running plans for 2013. For a little while now I have been toying with the idea of running the Juan de Fuca coastal trail that I hiked with Karina and Richard for four days last summer. Stunning views whilst hiking the JDF last summer I ocassionaly run with a guy named Pat who I met through a mutal friend out here. Unfortunately we have had to keep it ocassional as we have both been recovering from injuries. For me it was first my calves and then almost immediately followed by a fall which hurt my back, for Pat it was shin and

Running more… and then not at all

After receiving advice to run more in order to prevent my leg injuries from recurring things have been going well. I build up the number of days a week slowly and started running 5k every day, with no pain whatsoever. What's more I looked forward to every one of those runs! Fitting my daily runs into life has been a bit of a learning process. For starters I wasn't able to be so choosy about when I ran, so whatever the weather I was out there. This soon made me purchase some running tights because my jogging bottoms were soaking up too much water and just weren't practical. At a distance of 5.6km

Running – How Far Can I Go?

At the moment - not very far! While I haven't mentioned running here much it has been a part of my life for the last few years. I started running consistently around January 2010 and in October 2010 entered the Cardiff Half Marathon setting a pretty good time of 1:43. Since then I haven't done much on the competition side but have continued to run 2-3 times a week, though I have seen little improvement in speed, technique or distance since then. Training for the half marathon was riddled with teething problems – notably problems with my calves. After lots of research I managed to find a