Running Posts

Running through a ‘proper’ winter: first impressions

I have been running seriously for about five years now. Despite numerous set backs (see this and the footing section below), I am now running nearly every day. This has required a change of attitude towards running, notably to schedule my life around running, as apposed to trying to 'fit in' a run when I can. This also means that I have chosen to run despite the weather. For the last two months I have been living in Whitehorse, in Canada's far Northern Yukon Territory. It gets pretty cold here. When I arrived in October the temperatures were around the -10oC mark. This quickly dropped to -20oC

A Quick Knee Update

It's been eight weeks now since I injured my knee and things are improving, but i'm still taking things easy. After seven weeks I was starting to get concerned - I was still experiencing a strange sensation when doing anything slightyl strenuous, no pain as such but definitely a little discomfort. I expressed my concern to the running club in Comox via their forum and another member, who also happens to be a doctor gave me some reassuring words that it didn't sound like a permanant injury and that things would improve. He also recommended that I go to see a physio to confirm the injury and to seek

There will be other runs

Just a little update on my running situation - it has been nearly four weeks since my last run due to my knee injury. Around ten days ago I attempted a very short, easy run but my knee didn't feel strong enough and I ended up walking back the last half. While the knee is improving slowly, I don't want to start running again until I feel it is ready - so after that run I decided that I had to rule myself out of the Juan de Fuca run I have been training so hard for. I knew it was the smart decision, this is too big a hole in my training and there wouldn't be enough time to get my body ready for that

Forced to take a break

I am currently having a few days off from running after suffering from knee pain during my 25.5km run at the weekend. I was worried this might happen but i'm not surprised - I knew that my training schedule was pretty intense and that some part of my body might not be able to keep up. "Runners knee" is not uncommon and I think this is a result of classic overuse. I think that my run two weeks ago along the rugged coastline was what really did it, after which I experienced some soreness in my knees which passed after a couple of days. In order to get into shape to do the JDF run before I leave the

My two weeks in Victoria

I have been in Victoria for just under two weeks and have really enjoyed my time there. For the first 10 days I was house sitting for Richard's parents Hilary and JP when they went to Florida, my time was both productive and relaxing. I had fun working on the van and also did some work on various websites - some my own and some for others. I also did lots of running with no shortage of stunning trails and Taz the dog joined me for all but the longest of these. I managed to get a nice combination of work and play and enjoyed doing some work on the computer looking out of the window and then going