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Breakfast – D.C Style

2 x Eggs
3 x Bacon
2 x Sausage (1 pork & leek, 1 italian)
3 x Hash brown
2 x Black pudding
1 x Toast (dragon bread)
1 x Fried bread (dragon tiger bread)
Tomato (grilled)
Baked Beans (overcooked to perfection)

… and a whole lot of heart!

There is a cat on my computer!

Wales v England – Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

The Sue’s Mega Breakfast – City Road, Cardiff

Substitutions: subtract two sausages, add an extra black pudding and an extra hash brown. It’s mega.

Teva Mountain Games 2011 – Vail, Colorado

Hanging out in the VIP area watching the bouldering world cup final. Happy days!